Product demonstration

Lean manufacturing, fine engineering, fine service
Set Design, research and development, production and sales in one
Honesty-based, customer-oriented, to provide a sound pre-sale, sale, after-sale service

Product Preponderance

Innovation, continuous improvement, security

Grasp the latest trends of the industry at home and abroad, product design innovation
Proceed from the user demand, improve the existing product quality and process
For different countries and regions to provide users with professional medical equipment, we serve health, we protect health


Add: No.898 Yaocheng Road,Medical Hi-tech Zone,Taizhou,Jiangsu,China Cellphone: +86-13810890388 Technical Support: Zecheng Network

Keywords:Electric Dermatome Skin Graft Mesher Skin Grafting Multi-use Machine Skin Graft Carrier Micro-skin Cutter Granular Skin Cutter Burn and Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

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